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all about us.

You are a part of WE. That doesn’t mean you’ll be writing copy or designing anything. But we will ask you to think with us. And to be a close partner throughout the process. Because we believe great work happens with our clients, not in spite of them. True creative partnership is what WE is all about.

Eric Weiss





Since 1996, after graduating from the College of Visual Arts, Eric has been putting his passion for design and communication to work. An award-winning designer and creative director, he believes that by combining big ideas with tiny details, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. He’s helped elevate numerous world-renowned brands such as Target, Gap and Delta Air Lines. And he’s teamed to create brands like Dunwoody College, Insight Brewing and King Solutions. Eric takes his craft very seriously, but never himself. He’s a bit of a goofball actually, always ready with a semi-obscure one-liner from a 90s comedy. He’s also a husband, father of two girls, and a proud parent of two dogs and two cats, bringing the household tally to seven females and well, him.  

Zaar Taha



After graduating from the U of M in 1994, Zaar started his professional writing journey at a magazine in Cairo. Yes, that Cairo. But after his short stint abroad, he somehow returned to even more unfamiliar surroundings: a small agency operating out of a house in Blaine, MN. That experience led Zaar to attend the Brainco ad school where he put together a strong portfolio. And the rest is history. For more than two decades, Zaar’s been a valuable asset for many local agencies, including Carmichael Lynch and BBDO. He’s worked on everything from big-metal brands like Porsche and Harley-Davidson to big-meat brands like SPAM and Famous Dave’s. Husband to Whitney and father to Summer, when Zaar isn’t busy shooting down his own ideas, you’ll most likely find him shooting hoops at the gym.

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